Style Sheets
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Style Sheets

Style Sheets are another exciting feature of Dynamic HTML. They offer unprecedented control over the way a page is presented to you. They allow adjustment of margins, font sizes, and even colors for each item you wish to style, without retyping it everytime an instance of that item comes up. Additionally, you can design a particular style, and then use it for all of your pages by simply importing the style sheet. This will not only improve the web presentation, but save a great deal of redundant typing as well.

In this particular case, I wanted to show some fairly obvious uses of the new tags. I have adjusted several features of each item shown here. For instance, I have specified that the top level headers should be red, in Helvetica 40pt bold type. The second level headers should be white, 24pt bold Helvetica type. The paragraphs are green, 16pt Helvetica type, with adjusted margins on the left and right.

The possibilities are not limited to the ones shown here, however. For more information, Contact WebSpan Design Group.

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