Web Reports
Animated Home Rule

Who is coming to your site, how many of them, and why? Is yours a popular site, or does it sit in the backwaters of the Internet? How can you find out the answers to these important questions?

The answer is Web Reports. These applications, configured on our servers, analze the hits you take in, where they are coming from, what the people are looking for, and compiles the results in an easy to understand format. WebSpan offers two different types of Web Report mechanisms: Analog and Wusage.

Analog is a highly configurable web reporting program. You can generate reports on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis, change the way the data displays, in what units, turn a simple graphics feature on and off, and tell it what you wish it to look for. Before using this, read through the Read Me provided at analog.cyberosity.com/Readme/. Do not attempt to use this program unless you know what you are doing. Below is an example of one of the reports from Analog.

Analog Report

Wusage is a highly graphical reporting mechanism that is fully configurable, and has the advantage of displaying and being configurable right from your web browser. For more information, check out www.boutell.com/wusage/intro2.html. The image below is an example of one of Wusage's reports.

Wusage Report

WebSpan will be happy to set up either of these reporting mechanisms for you. Contact WebSpan for more pricing information.