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CGI stands for Common Gateway Interface. This is a protocol which allows the browser to execute applications on the sever holding the website which respond dynamically based on the user's input. For example, any form or search engine you have filled out would be an example of CGI. CGI will actually configure itself to answer specific requests, creating more personal, and therefore more specific responses.

Speaking of responses, a guestbook script is one of the more popular examples of CGI on the Web, although not as popular as the ubiquitous counter. Your readers can sign in and offer comments on your site, and the script can help you generate a useful database, not only about who your customers are, but what they think of your product. Another good example of CGI scripting would be the online database, one of which (Created by WebSpan Design Group) can be seen at DWI Lawyers Online Directory. Additionally, WebSpan uses a small CGI application at the beginning of this site, where it determines whether your browser is JAVA capable or not.

CGI has countless uses. To find out how it can be put to work for you,Contact WebSpan Design Group.

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