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One of the greatest strengths of the World Wide Web is the way in which information can be disseminated to vast numbers of people. You've probably heard this many times, and wondered how it could apply to your company, besides the obvious advertising angle. Well, here's another. How about an online database of products or services that is accessible to your customers, no matter where in the country they are? Alternately, how about a database of your company's locations, so your customers can find your location in their town? Or even an online parts catalog, so sales reps can quickly find out whether or not a particular part is in stock in their store?

There are thousands of different uses in which a database could benefit your company. In conjunction with a Shopping Cart setup, perhaps your customers can even order online, the product to be delivered right to their home. An example of a databse can be seen at DWI Lawyers Online.

To find out more information on how a database can move your company ahead of the competition, Contact WebSpan Design Group.

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