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HTML is the native language of the World Wide Web. This is the language your browser reads in order that it should know where to place images, to what location a page should be linked, how to size the text, and all of the other things that make up a page display. HTML started as a simple language, but it has gone through several updates since its creation, with 3.2 being the current version. These updates were made necessary by the desire of browser companies to present more exciting and interactive features on the Web, necessitating the creation of new HTML.

Since the browser companies seek to have the competitive advantage over their rivals, each one has had to play catch-up with the other. Thus you have the confusing situation where some HTML will work on some browsers, and not on others. A page that looks excellent on Netscape Navigator 3.0 may not display properly, or even at all, on Microsoft Explorer. Also, there are still text-only browsers such as Lynx, to whom the multimedia aspects of your page mean little, and could possibly obscure the information you are trying to get across to them.

Another item to consider is the international reach of the World Wide Web. If you seek to tap into the global marketplace, you need the know-how to design a page that looks as good in Seoul as it does in San Francisco.

WebSpan Design Group takes all of these factors into account when it designs a page for your company. We know that you want your page available to the widest possible audience, possibly even a global one. We will make sure that your page is simply and elegantly constructed to be consistent and easily loaded across platforms and across the world.

For more information on HTML standards and current information, take a look at the World Wide Web Consortium's site.

Since the cost for a page design is dependant upon the specific page, please Contact WebSpan Design Group for pricing information.

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