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(More Than) RealAudio

RealAudio (And now, RealVideo too!) offers a method of downloading and playing audio and video files right on your webpage, without the dull waiting. This is because properly configured servers 'stream' the information to browsers equipped with the proper plugins (Available from the RealAudio Web Site. Rather than sending you the file all in a single massive chunk, the information is sent as needed, for smooth playback without the wait.

How can you use this on your company's site? Try greeting people at the virtual door with a friendly welcome. Or provide soothing music as they search through your online database. Compile an online list of samples of the music you sell, as can be found on Reverent's Home Site. Take potential customers on a quick tour through your company headquarters, or show them the product from all angles. The possibilites are endless!

To find out how to place your site at the forefront of audio and video excitement, Contact WebSpan Design Group.

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