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...But is it Art?

Traveling across the country can be an amazing experience. It is a vast place, and new sights and adventures are everywhere. The small town in Ohio, untouched by the twentieth century. The silence that hangs over the endless empty plains of Montana. The tiny bistro in New York with the best food you've ever tasted. These are the memories that remain with you, long after you have forgotten what a Banff is.

Yet, if you travel any amount, you begin to notice that things are changing. The distictive face of the Ohio town's Main Street is replaced with boutiques, trendy coffee houses, and bars. The empty spaces of Montana are filled with tract housing. The small bistro in New York is now a fast food joint. Things begin to look the same, wherever you go. And if that's the case, you might as well stay home.

A similar phenomenon is occurring on the World Wide Web. Dozens of programs offer you a chance to bypass what they claim are the complexities and pitfalls of creating a web site for your company. Everyone wants a web page, and the sooner, cheaper, and easier, the better. But you'll notice after a while that these programs sacrifice many things for this reputed ease of use. They will lock you into a cookie-cutter website, deny you your full range of expression. You may ask, 'What is the point of a website that is the same as everyone else's?', and the answer is easy: There is none.

This is where WebSpan Design Group can help. We take the time to learn about your company, to find out what it is that you want to show the world. You want a simple, elegant page? A multimedia powerhouse? A reliable database, or secure transactions? WebSpan can do all of this for you and more.

Whether simple or complex, your web site will stand out from the millions of other ordinary sites that surround you. When we finish your page, it will be exactly what you wanted or better, and it will become a place your customers will feel is worth traveling to again and again.

With WebSpan, it is art.

And yet, art is only half of what makes an excellent web site. There is nothing that kills the joy of a road trip than a traffic jam, a fact which a great many designers seem to forget when they load down their page with innumerable graphics, movies, cookies, etc. ad nauseum. The other half of the design is craft, the technical knowledge that the designer brings to the construction of a site. Does this work on all browsers? What does this look like at different modem speeds? What about with all the images turned off? What if the monitor is a different size, or supports a different pixel resolution?

This is the level of craft that WebSpan brings to every project. Not only must your site be worth looking at, but the road to it must be clear, for all travellers. Now, a few may look askance at us, asking "Well, haven't you broken a few rules here on your own site?" Yes, we have, in order to show you the breadth of our skills. For an example of a leaner, tighter site with less showing off, try our parent company, SkyPoint Communications, Inc.

Let yourself begin a new journey with us. It will be worth the trip, we promise you.

Martin Doyle
Lead Designer

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