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Greg Kemnitz. As the president of SkyPoint Communications, Inc., one might expect Greg Kemnitz to merely run the business and leave the implementation to those who understand it, were it not for the fact that no-one understands it better than he. His interest in computers and the Internet stretches back as far as the 7th grade. He built his own computer when the first hobby computers came out, much as aspiring young engineers of an earlier generation built their first Bakelite radio sets. During his high school and college years, he was busy with freelance and consulting work for companies such as the Minnesota Educational Computer Consortium. After graduating, he traveled around the country in various computer consulting positions until his return to Minneapolis in 1981, when he joined CPT Corporation as Senior Support Specialist. Over the next four years he gained a wide variety of experience, ultimately rising to the position of Senior Software Engineer. During this time, he restarted K & K Systems, a computer systems sales and consulting business that he had founded earlier. At the same time, he developed an interest in the Internet, offering email connections as a sideline. Eventually he merged these Internet offerings with those of another local provider to become SkyPoint Communications, Inc. Through all his years as a consultant or president, he has never lost his love for the technical aspect of things, and is most often found deep in coding or reasoning with a recalcitrant server.

Martin Doyle. Martin is the lead designer for WebSpan. He has never been convicted of cannibalism. The rumors of his confinement in a basement beneath WebSpan Corporate Headquarters with only an Commodore 64 and a friendly rat have been greatly exaggerated. No matter what you have heard to the contrary, he is not, repeat not the charismatic leader of a underground movement to free the enslaved yams of Uzbekistan. He has no problems with Reality, and they have been very civil to each other lately.

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