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-6/10/97 WebSpan Gets a New Look!

Welcome to WebSpan's new website! WebSpan Design Group takes the latest in multimedia and graphic design and puts it to work for you, so we thought we'd put it to work for us and show everyone what we can do. Check out our services and find out how we can put the skills you are viewing all around the site on your company's web pages to make them stand out from the crowd. See our friendly staff, and learn what they have to say for themselves (Please do not feed the staff. Or make any sudden movements). Send us some feedback, or just look around. We're happy to see you here.

-5/96 WebSpan Aquired by SkyPoint Communications, Inc.

WebSpan was recently purchased by SkyPoint Communications, Inc. We will be renamed the WebSpan Design Group, and become a fully design oriented division of SkyPoint.

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